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The UK's television licence fee is one of the longest-standing unjust stealth taxes imposed on the British public by their government and should be abolished now.

The television licence fee funds only the BBC. No other broadcaster benefits from it but if you own a television set you are required by law to have a television licence - regardless of whether or not you watch or listen to BBC channels. The BBC television licence fee is not means tested - everyone pays the same amount, regardless of their income and what they can or can't afford. The BBC television licence fee is not usage dependent. A licence for a private residence allows for multiple television sets at a single address to be watched at any time by anyone.

A lone pensioner watching an hour or two a week pays the same as a multi-millionaire with hordes of guests watching televisions in every room of a mansion.

EVEN BLIND PEOPLE ARE REQUIRED BY LAW TO HAVE A TELEVISION LICENCE! The BBC Web site's television licence fee page proudly boasts: "It is free if you are over 75, half-price if you are registered blind."

The BBC television licence fee is a poll tax - flat-rate and unfair.

An inflation-busting rise in the price of the television licence fee has recently been applied for. Why? So that we can fund the BBC's foray into the world of digital broadcasting, whether we want to or not. Abolish the BBC television licence fee. It is an unwanted, unfair, archaic tax which should be scrapped immediately. You can do your bit by signing our petition and voting in our polls [here] and by publicising our campaign in any way you can. SAY NO TO THE BBC STEALTH TAX!

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